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Newsletter Archive 2017

Listed here under are the editions of the SafeTman newsletter that have been released and we hope that you found the articles both interesting and informative. If, however , you require any additional information or have any articles to share , please contact us at enquiry@safetman.com.au

SafeTman Newsletter – December 2017 Edition 7

- Pre-Christmas Safety Checklist
- Toolbox: Drink Driving Fact Sheet
- Toolbox: Christmas and New Year
- Drive Safely This Christmas
- Driver Fatigue
- Are You Storm Ready?
- Are You Bushfire Ready?
- Beach Driving
- Beach Safety
- Boating Safety
- Safe Toys for Kids
- Safety Santa

SafeTman Newsletter – July 2017 Edition 6

- New Offence To Be Created To Target Deadly Workplace Practices
- All Anchors Are Not The Same — The Difference Could Be Life Or Death
- The Link Between Common Health Problems And Workplace Injury
- Motorist Education Needed To Reduce Heavy-Vehicle Accidents
- EN Standards
- The Importance Of Reviewing Workers Compensation Claims
- Chemicals Can Damage Hearing
- Safety Alert: Non-Compliant Gas Monitors
- Safety Alert: Access Hatches
- Warning: Stick To Electrical Work When Installing Solar Photovoltaic Panels
- Get Ready For The New Wiring Rules
- Absolute Shocker

SafeTman Newsletter - June 2017 Edition 5

- Infographic: Key Data on Workplace Fatalities
- Courageous Conversations
- 3 Steps to Managing Workplace Mental Health Issues
- How OHS Can Effectively Manage Post-Incident Investigations
- Queensland to Establish New Workplace Death Law
- Why OHS Needs To Pay Attention To Biorhythms For Safety
- How to Communicate Great Safety Messages
- How To Improve OHS Through Good Work Design
- Absolute Shocker

SafeTman Newsletter - May 2017 Edition 4

- Mates in Construction Program Expands
- Worker Fatalities 2017
- Measuring And Reporting On Work Health And Safety
- ISO Standards Address Workplace Design
- WHS laws Independently Audited In Queensland
- Workers Compensation Claims On The Decline, Report Shows
- Safety Recall: Schneider Electrical President Systems Limited — Clipsal Meter Box
- Warning To Avoid Brisbane Asbestos Testing Company
- Absolute Shocker

SafeTman Newsletter - April 2017 Edition 3

- Drivers Of Positive Safety Culture
- Why We Need A New Science Of Safety
- Workers Fight Back With Deviant Behaviour In A Precarious Workplace: Study
- Tradie Safe Program Aims To Improve Construction Safety
- Improvements Made To Emergency Communication Services
- Link Between Hearing Loss And Loud Cities
- New Technique To Remove Toxic Fire Fighting Foam Chemicals
- Revision Of ISO 3100-2009 Keeps Risk Management Simple
- Safe Bunkering Standard Developed
- Harness And Lanyard Height Safety Guide
- Absolute Shocker

SafeTman Newsletter - March 2017 Edition 2

- Coping with Traumatic Events
- New GHS System For Labelling Of Hazardous Chemicals
- Review of Lead Regulation In Australia
- The Characteristics Of People Most Likely To Cut Corners At Work
- What SHEQ Skills Do Employers Want?
- Safe Work Australia’s 5 Steps For Safety In 2017
- Mitigating Risks For One Workers In Potentially Unsafe Situations
- Safety Alert: Commercial Transport Of Samsung Galaxy
- Absolute Shocker

SafeTman Newsletter - January 2017 Edition 1

- Seven Tips to Beat Back-To-Work Blues
- Electrical Safety For Plumbers
- Bushfire Safety
- Safe Handling & Disposal of Needles & Syringes 
- Take Care of Staff Working in Extreme Heat
- Lack of Sleep Costs Economy Billions
- Poor Nutritional Choices in the Construction Industry
- National Project on Young Workers Highlights the Important Role of Supervisors
- Absolute Shocker