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Newsletter Archive 2016

Listed here under are the editions of the SafeTman newsletter that have been released and we hope that you found the articles both interesting and informative. If, however , you require any additional information or have any articles to share , please contact us at enquiry@safetman.com.au

SafeTman Newsletter – December 2016 Edition 12

- Pre-Christmas Safety Checklist
- Toolbox: Drink Driving Fact Sheet
- Toolbox: Christmas and New Year
- Drive Safely This Christmas
- Driver Fatigue
- Are You Storm Ready?
- Are You Bushfire Ready?
- Beach Driving
- Beach Safety
- Boating Safety
- Safe Toys for Kids
- Safety Santa

SafeTman Newsletter – November 2016 Edition 11

- Deemed Diseases in Australian Workplaces
- Preventing Occupational Asthma
- Older Australians More Likely to Seek Treatment for Alcohol Use
- ATA Alerts Drivers to Seatbelt Safety Options
- Safety Alert: Don’t Cut Old Drums
- Safety Alert: Fire Fighting Component Issues Identified
- Safety Alert: Test and Inspect Electrical Work to Ensure it is Safe to Energise
- Safety Warning: Exposure to Diesel Fumes Increases Lung Cancer Risk
- Safety Alert Over Hyperbaric Chambers
- Product Recall by Makita Australia

SafeTman Newsletter – October 2016 Edition 10

- Statistics on Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
- Work-Related Injury Rates for Shift and Non-Shift Workers Comparison
- Safe Work Australia Updates
- A Safety Warning: Power Line Electrocutions
- Testing and Tagging: Fulfilling Your Duty of Care
- Guide to Managing Risks of Exposure to Carcinogens in the Workplace
- Introducing the Hazardous Chemical Information System (HCIS) Database
- Five Warning Signs of Employee Fatigue

SafeTman Newsletter – September 2016 Edition 9

- The Unseen Costs of Skimping on Hand Protection
- How to Minimise Manual Handling Injuries
- Most Construction Workers Suffering Hearing Loss
- Existing Wiring Dangers at Construction and Demolition Sites
- Calls for Tougher Asbestos Controls from Commonwealth
- Additional Routes Added to Heavy Vehicle Networks
- Standards Update: National Approach to Fire Protection Maintenance
- Safety Alert: Serious Electrical Incident
- Safety Alert: Guards and Disks on Angle Grinders
- Pokemon Go Prompts Construction Site Safety Concerns

SafeTman Newsletter – August 2016 Edition 8

- New Film: Hazardous Manual Tasks
- New Film: New Electrical Exclusion Zones
- Recalls
- Safety Alert: Refueling Portable Equipment
- Safety Alert: Working Under a Stope Bridge
- A Carrot & Stick Approach To Safety
- Closing The Loophole on Hand Safety Conformance
- New Chemical Database Supports GHS Transition
- Proposed Changes to Dangerous Goods Code Open for Public Consultation
- Testing & Maintenance of Tools & Equipment
- New Workers’ Compensation Capacity Certificate Takes a Positive Approach
- Asbestos Health Monitoring Guide
- Radio Apps for Lone Worker Safety

SafeTman Newsletter – July 2016 Edition 7

- Electric Shock Risk: Unterminated Live Cables 
- Work Fatalities: Safe Work Australia
- Height Safety Video
- Carcinogen Exposures in the Construction Industry
- Product Recall: SCA 1200kg Pin & Screw Type Safety Stands
- Product Recall: SR50 & SR100A Self-Rescuers
- Safety Alert: Concrete Pumping Operations
- Safety Alert: Ladder Platform Brackets
- Safety Alert: Pressure Testing of Pipes
- Safety Alert: Working Outdoors
- Safety Alert Updated : Vehicle Stabilisers & Outriggers
- Safety Alert: Escalator & Travelator Void In-Fills
- Safety Alert: Lifter Borer Boom Failure

SafeTman Newsletter – June 2016 Edition 6

- The Changing Face of Work-Related Injuries
- Asbestos-Laden Water Pipes Pose Safety Challenge
- Science Breakthrough to Combat Oil Spills
- Take Action Now: Dust Exposure
- Time To Stand Up: Hazards of Sedentary Work
- Harmonisation’s Failure Leads to Confusion & Distraction for Duty Holders
- What are the 10 principles of good work and safety design?

SafeTman Newsletter – May 2016 Edition 5

- Fitness for Work Policies – Ensuring Compliance With The Building Code 2013
- Electrical Safety 
- Improving Worker Compliance With Fall Protection
- Formwork Code Helps Form Safer Workplaces For Queensland Construction Workers
- Formwork Code of Practice
- Why OHS Leaders Need Greater Financial Literacy
- Cut Protection For Gloves: Standard Update
- Are You GHS Ready?
- Safety Alert: Guards On Angle Grinders
- Safety Alert: Dingli Australia

SafeTman Newsletter – April 2016 Edition 4

- Calls for Comment on Lead in the Workplace
- 5 Billion People to be Short-Sighted by 2050
- New Standard for Safer Use of Chemicals in Consumer Products
- New Tool for Meth Addiction
- Government Plan to Take Action on Black Lung
- Do Wellness Programs Work?
- Heavy-Industry Employers Urged to Ratchet Up Workplace Health & Safety Training
- Safety Alert: Dingli Australia
- Safety Alert: Counterweights on Mobile Plant

SafeTman Newsletter – March 2016 Edition 3

- 1 in 2 Outdoor Workers Miss Out On Sun Protection
- App For Analyzing Skin Health Reduces Melanoma Risk
- Work at Heights
- Fall Protection Resource Centre App
- Safety Alert: High Pressure Water Jet Injection Injury
- Safety Alert: Worker Seriously Injured – Pipe Assembly Fails Pressure Test
- Safety Alert: Stair Module Failures
- Safety Alert: Support Of Mobile Plant On Outriggers
- Safety Alert: Use Of Saw Blades On Angle Grinders
- Comcare Alert: Falling Objects
- New Standard For Concrete Anchoring
- Product Safety Recalls: Bosch Australia, Orbital Sander PSS Series


SafeTman Newsletter – January 2016 Edition 1

- Young Workers in Construction – Injury Hotspots
- The Right Start – Shaping a Culture of Safety
- Take Care of Staff Working in Extreme Heat
- New Report Highlights 10 Year Construction Injury Statistics
- Safe Work Procedures
- CFA Fire Safety Kit