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Newsletter Archive 2015

Listed here under are the editions of the SafeTman newsletter that have been released and we hope that you found the articles both interesting and informative. If, however , you require any additional information or have any articles to share , please contact us at enquiry@safetman.com.au

SafeTman Newsletter – December 2015 Edition 12

- Towards Zero
- Pre-Christmas Safety Checklist
- Toolbox: Drink driving fact sheet
- Toolbox: Christmas and New Year
- Do you know how your employees store their PPE when on breaks?
- Safety Santa: Even Santa has safety in mind!
- Toolbox: Stings and bites
- Toolbox: Snakes and First Aid Treatment
- Toolbox: Beware of Snakes
- Wild Weather Safety: Severe Thunderstorms
- Road Safety: Drive safely this Christmas
- Road Safety: Safe driving tips when it is raining
- Swimming Pool Safety Fact Sheet
- Home Pool Safety Checklist
- Kids In And Around Water Brochure
- Beach Safety
- Boating Safety
- Beach Driving
- Sun safety tips for beachgoers
- Absolute Shocker: Dragging the anchor

SafeTman Newsletter – November 2015 Edition 11

- Workplace vibration guidance material
- Reminder: New Drug and Alcohol testing compliance for building sites
- Update on international standard for safer workplaces
- Work health and safety at a glance: Seven key elements explained
- Managing risks of exposure to diesel exhaust in the workplace
- Are you driving your workers’ mad?
- To claim or not to claim
- Tinnitus study shows age and gender matter
- Injuries Increase under the sun
- How to keep outdoor workers safe from an Australian sun
- ‘e-fabrics’ Detect Toxic gases
- Safety Alert: Falling objects
- Safety Recall: Cord Tech Cable Reels
- Absolute Shocker: Apologies to Mark Twain

SafeTman Newsletter – October 2015 Edition 10

- Construction industry serious injuries in decline
- Drug & Alcohol: Amendments to building code 2013
- Revised Australian standard for precast concrete
- QLD: Construction site electrocution inquiry highlights safety
- National plan launched to reduce the risk of asbestos
- Electronic work diaries coming for heavy vehicle drivers
- Sun smart program
- What’s the most common sun safety misconception?
- Snakes: Identification & First Aid
- The essential guide to hydration in the workplace
- How to drive safety through employee engagement
- What does the future of OHS look like?
- Absolute shocker: Risk of Falls

SafeTman Newsletter – September 2015 Edition 9

- The scourge of ice
- Drug and alcohol policies must be a safety issue
- Employers increase focus on staff health and wellbeing
- Managing drug use in the workplace
- Workers reluctant to give up chair for better health
- Where ASX companies fail on safety reporting
- Harmful levels of hand-arm vibration
- Safety Alert: Ground support for excavations
- Safety Alert: Bracing masonry walls during construction
- Product Recall: Compact tractor with loader and backhoe work series. Orange in colour with branding as KUBOTA BX24 or BX25
- Product Recall: Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Limited — 230DRAS1MI and 230DRAS2MI meter boxes
- Absolute Shocker: Ladder lunacy

SafeTman Newsletter – August 2015 Edition 8

- The Dangerous Goods Regulations 2005
- Proposed Changes – HSR’s Power
- Construction companies hiring health and wellbeing practitioners
- Ice use common in construction, manufacturing and transport
- Sleeping on job to be encouraged
- Why boards need new measures for safety management
- The Zero Injury witch Hunt
- Increased safety accountability for construction planning
- Potential for electric shock: Atom 200VA Trailing Edge LED Dimmer
- Potential for electric shock: Floodlight 50w LED
- Absolute Shocker: Ladder Lunacy

SafeTman Newsletter – July 2015 Edition 7

- Lead paint a risk in Queensland workplaces
- OHS Disclosures in annual reports need improvement
- Compliance machine safety trends “worrying”
- Dying for work: the changing face of work-related injuries
- Work Health and Safety Perceptions: Construction Industry
- Workers face Multiple Hazards
- Creating a no blame culture for a safer workplace
- Glencore records regrettably high” fatality rate
- Falls from flat bed trucks and trailers
- Multi-cutters and other discs on power and air tools
- Stored energy in u-shaped cable bolt packaging
- Rollover incidents involving load shifting plant
- Cranes – TEREX

SafeTman Newsletter – Jun 2015 Edition 6

- The 2015 Influenza vaccine: Clearing up the confusion
- Employers urged to encourage flu vaccinations
- Ross river fever
- Dengue fever
- Arthritis and musculoskeletal issues cost $7.4 billion
- Improving OHS outcomes for an ageing work foce
- The right start: Building safe work for young workers
- WHS right of entry provisions restored
- How regulators are changing their approach to business
- Fire ignites after worker drills into a sealed void
- Safety Bulletin: Mine
- Mine alert
- Failure of critical steering equipment
- Absolute shocker: Wondrous properties of duct tape

SafeTman Newsletter – May 2015 Edition 5

- Correct Hand Washing Techniques
- Hand washing – Why it is important?
- Influenza and immunization
- Managing Influenza viruses in the workplace
- Colds
- Contractor driver felt forced to work unsafely
- No way of doing the job safely is not an adequate defence!
- Lower order control strategies can result in amputations
- Safety management systems are useless if your procedures don’t address the actual risk!

SafeTman Newsletter – April 2015 Edition 4

- Guidance checklist for managing drug testing in-house
- 1 in 10 workers absent or affected by drugs at work
- Are prescription pills and work a dangerous mix?
- New Psychoactive Drugs: no easy answer
What happens when…
- We are too busy for safety
- We turn safety into a product or commodity
- We don’t match minimisation measure to the likelihood!
- Music equipment is set at levels that may damage our hearing?
- We wait for a fatality to know if workers comply with JSA’s
- We use industry practice a valid excuse for non-compliance
View an absolute shocker!!!

SafeTman Newsletter – March 2015 Edition 3

- Why are young workers at higher risk of injury?
- Work related injuries: Experienced young workers-Australia 2009-10
Workplace hazards:
- Manual tasks
- Electrical
- Noise
- Fatigue
- Slips, trips and falls
Common workplace Hazards in construction:
- Concrete pumping
- Confined Spaces
- Demolition
- Excavations
- Scaffolding
- Work at heights
- Tunnelling
Absolute Shocker

SafeTman Newsletter – February 2015 Edition 2

- Attitude towards Risk Taking and Rule Breaking In Australian Workplaces
- Where companies go wrong with safety and culture
- Bring on the safety storyteller
- Avoiding the pitfalls of behavioural based safety
- Healthier employees perform better and more engaged
- Improving mental health in contact centres
- Fatigued employees are not able to recognise their own level of impairment
- Synthetic marijuana and its implementation into workplace drug testing/screening
- Asbestos
- Work exposure to Lead and lead compounds
- How to decide if you need to notify Comcare of lead risk work under the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011
- Mesothelioma Risks among Workers to Stay for a Long Period of Time
- Hazardous Exposures in the Workplace
- Absolute Shocker- Lifting

SafeTman Newsletter – January 2015 Edition 1

- Safety Recall: Additional Infinity Electrical Cable
- Safety Recall: Australian Valve Group-BV20-F Ball Valve
- Safety Recall: NHP Electrical Engineering Products P/L-DC Solar Isolator Switches
- Product Recall: Hartman Pacific Pty Ltd – Gorilla EL12/21-I Extension Ladder 150kg Industrial
- Have you heard the news about hearing tests?
- Statistics on fatalities related to unsafe design released
- Forklift licences
- Slip and trips – Are you compliant?
- Keep cool, work smart as hotter than average summer arrives
- Are you suffering from the “back to work blues?”
- Getting a good night’s sleep
- Seven Tips to beat back-to-work blues
- Risk Controls are not followed
- A public infrastructure is close to a workplace incident
- Procedures don’t address the actual risk
- Workplace injuries progress into psychological disorders.
- Foreseeable hazards are not adequately identified
- Absolute Shocker: Booted off site!