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Newsletter Archive 2011

Listed here under are the editions of the SafeTman newsletter that have been released and we hope that you found the articles both interesting and informative. If, however , you require any additional information or have any articles to share , please  contact us at enquiry@safetman.com.au

SafeTman Newsletter - December 2011 SPECIAL Edition
- Being prepared in the Storm Seasons
- UV Radiation – Working in the Sun
- Sun Smart
- Sunburn
- Heat Illness
- Christmas and New Year break
- Snakes
- Pre Christmas Checklist

SafeTman Newsletter - December 2011 Edition
- Changes to Work Health and Safety Regulations : At a Glance
- Transitional Provisions: No Grace Period
- What are the significant changes?
- Due Diligence under Work Health and Safety Act 2011 
- New Duties for PCBUs in Queensland
- Regulations Changes for the Construction Industry
- Codes of Practice under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011
- Review of decisions made by Workplace Health and Safety inspectors and the regulator
- Actions you can take to prepare for the WHS Legislation
- References

SafeTman Newsletter - November 2011 Edition
- Dehydration
- How to Manage Dehydration in the Workplace
- Heat Stress in Outdoor Workers
- What Law Applies or Sun Safety and Heat Stress
- Fatigue
- What Law Applies to Fatigue?
- Driver Fatigue
Reports & Statistics
- Annual Fatality Figures Rise
- Do You Have Enough Time & Control Over Your Work to Prevent Injuries?
- WorkSafe QLD Guide to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011
- Tug of Laws
- Will Australian OHS Harmonisation Improve Consultation with the Workforce?
- More Meaningful Workplace Related Death Reporting with OHS Harmonisation?
Around the Courts
- Will you have to be Prosecuted to Determine your Risk Assessments are Inadequate?
- How Effective are your Equipment Inspections?

SafeTman Newsletter - October 2011 Edition
Working at Heights
- Preventing Falls on Construction Sites
- What is Working at Heights & What does the Law say?
- Australian Fatalitites increasing with Falls the Biggest Problem!
- How NOT to Work at Heights
- Fine of GB £1 (A$1.50) for a Fall Death at Foxtel- Low job control & long commutes makes us sick
- Higher Order Controls Required to Reduce Fatalities!- What safety ratings mean?
- Singing in Tune? OH&S Harmonisation in Australia- Failure to endorse ignored
Around the Courts
- How often do you Assess Personnel Health & Competency to Complete their Work
- How Good is the Due Diligence you do on your Training Providers?
- The Importance of Establishing an Exclusion Zone was a Basic Safety Procedure when Working with Heavy Equipment
- Do your Supervisors & Managers Provide Mixed Safety Messages by NOT Leading by Example?
- Component Maker Fined After Ladder Fall
- Are we Sending the Wrong Message through our Regulators?

SafeTman Newsletter - September 2011 Edition
Health & Safety Hotspots
- Working safetly in confined spaces
- What does the law say about confined spaces?
- Don’t take CO2 for granted. Close shave in New Zealand
- Explosive conditions: Grinding, Cutting & Welding (including pre-heating) from the inside or outside of confined spaces
- Predicting who will cause Workplace Safety incidents
- Due deligence and LTI days
- Low job control & long commutes makes us sick
- Are your electrical leads safe?
- What safety ratings mean?
- Have you got your ‘act’ together?
- Failure to endorse ignored
Safety Alerts
- Preventing structural collapse during demolition
Around the Courts
- Workplace bullies could face prison in Queensland
- Is common industry practice a vlaid excuse for non-compliance?
- Do your hazard/incident investigations produce corrective actions that work?
- Is your company wasting lots of money on safety that may not be working to protect workforce, company & investor interests?

SafeTman Newsletter - August 2011 Edition
Health & Safety Hotspots
- New Manual Task Resource for Employers
- Managing Influenza Viruses in the Workplace
- Correct Hand Washing Techniques
- Targeting the Burnt Out!
- Stress Recovery Longer
- Is there a reason why we can’t improve our Safety Management?
- Finding Money for WHS
- Model Laws enter Federal Parliament
Safety Alerts
- Scissor Lift Table Chocks
- Storage and Handling of Sheet Materials
Around the Courts
- Are all parts of the plant supplied to you safe?
- Do you enforce your Risk Controls?
- Using the right equipment for the job, know how to use it and  learn from past stuff ups!

SafeTman Newsletter – July 2011 Edition
Safety Articles
- Solid OHS Management system doesn’t mean safety management is solid in practice!
Safety Alerts
- Angle Grinders Injuries Prompt Warning
- Pre Cast Panel Failure
Harmonisation & Legislative Matters
- How will minimum wage increase affect employers?
- The primary duty holder under the Work Health and Safety Act
Around The Courts
- Do you assume your workforce is following your systems of work?
- How well do you supervise what your forklift drivers do?
- Work-related Traumatic Injury Fatalities 2008-09
- Eye Protection in the Workplace
- The Question of Internal Statistics

SafeTman Newsletter – June 2011 Edition
Safety Alerts
- Study finds certain types of carbon nanotubes can induce asbestos-like responses
- Explosive conditions: grinding, cutting and welding (including pre-heating) from the inside or outside of confined spaces
Managing Risks
- If the risk is low then the courts expect control measures that reflect that
- Recognising that low injury rates don’t equal low risk
Manual Handling
- What do the bones of your workforce tell you about their manual handling?
- If you don’t want your employees to handle heavy items you must enforce this
- How well do you enforce your fit for work procedures?
Around The Courts
- How well do you enforce your fit for work procedures?
- Failing to enforce PPE use
- Queensland Health and Safety Authorities

SafeTman Newsletter – 2011 Updates
- Public Comment
- Concerns about the Model WHS Regulations
- Will the role of Workplace Health and Safety Officer still be around after Harmonisation?
- Is there a need to renew an expired WHSO Certificate?
- Is there a need to appoint a WHSO now?
- Are there changes to the role of Work Health and Safety Representatives? 
- Where does a principal contactor “fit” under the new legislation?
- Is the definition of  “construction work” the same as the QLD WHS Act?
- Is it an offence to ignore or disobey a direction from an inspector?
- Will there be on the spot fines?
- National Model Bill: What are the key differences in Queensland?
- National Model Bill:  New South Wales 
- Onerous Duties Imposed

SafeTman Newsletter May 2011 Edition
- Hose Whip
- Catastrophic Split Rim Assembly Failure
- High Potential Near Miss:  Explosion during Garbage Incineration
- Lock Out Tag Procedures – Crushed thumb in Webco Butterfly Valve
- Loss of Flotel Juipter
- Machinery Contacting Overhead  Power Lines
- Wet Weather Exposure Report
- National Model Bill – what are the key differences in Queensland?
- Zero Harm : A slogan created for the CEO
- Things you probably never knew your mobile phone could do

SafeTman Newsletter March 2011 Edition
- 10 Ways to Prevent Painful Burn Injuries
- Hose Whip on Concrete Pumps
- Mobile Crane Fatality
- Safety Management Systems
- Updated Guide for Family & Friends of Deceased Workers
- Melioidosis Update
- Harmonization Draft Model out for Discussion
- Damages Awareded for Failure to Provide Adequate Training
- Industry Information Sheets