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Newsletter Archive 2012

Listed here under are the editions of the SafeTman newsletter that have been released and we hope that you found the articles both interesting and informative. If, however , you require any additional information or have any articles to share , please  contact us at enquiry@safetman.com.au

SafeTman Newsletter - November 2012 Edition

- How Well Do You Manage Your Fall Risks?
- Notified Fatalities Report
- What’s Going On With Australian Workplace Fatalities?
- Occupational Skin Disease
- Ways To Help Manage Fatigue In The Workplace
- Your Traffic Management System OK?
- Workplace Safety Through Design
- National Asbestos Removal Recommended
- Government Rallies Against Asbestos
- Location of Asbestos In Commercial Buildings

SafeTman Newsletter - October 2012 Edition

- Formaldehyde now a Carcinogen
- Requirements for Queensland Workplaces Handling Lead
- Requirements for Dangerous Carcinogens in Queensland Workplaces
- Is it Surprising Our Understanding of Our Occupational Disease Risk is so Poor?
- New Asbestos Resources to Protect Workers and Workplaces
- Maintaining Sufficient Clearances While Lifting or Lowering the Crane Hook or Load Close to Structures
- Haulotte Elevating Work Platform Failure
- Not Learning from Fall Risks
- Why Do We Continue to Ineffectively Guard & Isolate During Maintenance Work?

SafeTman Newsletter - July 2012 Edition

- Changes to Laws Relating to  Principal Contractors
- Double Adaptor Danger
- Fall Rescue Plan for Walking Down Stairs?
- Much to Consider in FIFO Worker Wellbeing
- Working at Heights in Construction
- Industry Briefing
- Asbestos Litigants to Have Their Day in Court
- Poor Hot Work Management Leads to a Traumatic Result
- Poor Traffic Management Chain of Events
- Prosecution After Dodgy Asbestos
- Scaffolding Collapse Could Have Killed Dozens, Court Hears 

SafeTman Newsletter - June 2012 Edition

- Are We Spending Too Many Hours Barking up the Wrong Tree in What Motivates our Workplace Behaviour?
- Good Vibrations
- Has Our Ability to Manage Risk Exposure Duration Improved With Modern Technology?
- Lack of or Wrong PPE for Injury Risk Exposure
- Mental Illness Cost Mining Industry $320- 450 Million a Year, Report Reveals
- Company Loses Appeal over Worker Death
- Are the Way & the Hours You Use Your Machines for Beyond Their Design Capacity?
- Failure to Deal with a Risk Known About Since 1964
- Queensland Construction Business Fined for Under Paying Teenager
- Vehicle Loading Cranes 

SafeTman Newsletter - May 2012 Edition

- Communication Issues Caused Risks for Lift Maintenance Workers
- Communicating PPE Maintenance Requirements?
- High Noise Communication Devices Win Prestigious Award
- Did the Builder Require the Contracted Crane Operator to Communicate Risk Issues?
- The Black Art of Risk Change Communication Rears its Head in a Tunnel Collapse?
- Adequately Communicating Trench Risks?
- Importance of Correctly Locking Out the Free Fall Controls on Mobile Cranes
- Hi-Vis Not Really Hi-Vis
- Who is an Employee and Who is a Contractor?
- Single Point of Contact for Asbestos Information Now Open

SafeTman Newsletter - April 2012 Edition

- Industrial Relations in 2012
- Study Identifies Strategies to Address Low Workforce Literacy & Numeracy
- Middle Managers: The Answer to Safety Improvements in Mining & Elsewhere?
- For those of you who Swear at Work only do it if it is Normal Workplace Behaviour!
- Harmonisation: Effect on Height Safety
- Root Cause of Ladder Death Not Related to 2m Height or Controlled by 3 Points of Contact
- Ladder Lunacy
- Warnings on Dangers of Scissor Lift Arms
- Mobile Cranes with a Free Fall Feature

SafeTman Newsletter - February 2012 NEW Edition
- Getting off to a Healthy Start in 2012
- Harmonized Work Health and Safety Laws Begin
- Industry Urged to Retain Workplace Health and Safety Officers to Help Meet Obligations
- Worker Representation and Participation Guide
- Executive Officers: Know your Responsibilities under the NEW Laws
- Codes of Practice under Harmonisedthe Work Health & Safety Laws
- Changes to the Requirements for High Risk Work Licences
- Don’t be Left Hanging - Enforcement of Swing Stage Erection and Use Requirements
- Safe Systems of Work when using Vehicle Lifting Devices
- Delivery and Unloading of Pre-cast Panels
- Bonded Asbestos not so Safe in Natural Disasters
- Nanoparticle Emissions from Laser Printers?
- Sun Cancer claims Burn Employers
- Still Falling as we Don’t Communicate Risks!
- Still Not Looking at Alternatives to Shaving Off Beards!